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Our 24th Year
December 2017
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By Marcella Peyre-Ferry
December marks the tenth
anniversary of Horse Power For
Life, a non-profit organization
using horses to help families
impacted by cancer. Founded
by Shiree Radie and Barbara
Rosoff, the organization provides
a program combining riding
instruction and interaction with
horses to patients in treatment,
survivors, family members and
“A lot of people think that it
is just the patient or it’s just kids.
It’s men, women or children, it’s
anyone who is currently going
through treatment as well as
survivors. We also opened the
program up to people who have
lost a loved one to cancer,” Radie
At the time they founded
the organization, both Rosoff
and Radie had lost family mem-
bers to cancer. “We both have
the passion for horses. There
are a lot of therapeutic riding
places, why not for cancer?”
Radie said. “I found there were
several programs around the
county that specifically focus
on cancer, but there was really
nothing in this area for therapy
for cancer.”
Instructor Becca Smith has a
special place in her heart for her
students, and all the Horse Power
For Life participants, having lost
her husband to brain cancer in
2011, and prior to that, surviv-
ing her own struggle with colon
Smith’s cancer was discov-
ered while she was undergoing a
routine screening colonoscopy.
“I was lucky they caught it just
before it perforated the colon, I
was in treatment for 10 months.
It was horrible, but I’m here,”
she said.
Smith became familiar with
Horse Power For Life when she
was teaching at the barn where
Horse Power For Life Brings Peace to Cancer Patients, Survivors and Families
the program was held, but at
that time she was not directly
involved. “My
husband had
been gone for a
year and a half.
I was starting
to feel like my
feet were on
the ground and
I wanted to do
something for
the others in the
world that were
struggling with
cancer,” she
At the same
time, co-founder
Rosoff was facing medical issues
and would not be able to con-
tinue teaching the program. The
connection was made and Smith
not only became
the instructor,
but offered her
own stable in
Glenmoore, PA,
as a new home
“It just is
ideal. I have a
small, five horse
barn. I know all
the horses very
well, so there’s
no unpredict-
ability. None
of us thought
twice about it.
We couldn’t make it happen fast
enough,” Smith said.
“She can really relate to
what the families are going
through,” Radie said. “We really
love having the program at Bec-
ca’s farm.”
The Horse Power For Life
program covers 16 weeks of 90
minute visits to the farm for the
entire family that may or may not
include riding. “It’s a 16-week
program, but that’s not con-
secutive weeks. I work around
everybody’s schedule to make it
happen comfortably for them,”
Smith said. “It’s not a group ac-
tivity. Each Horse Power family
comes independently. They have
their own private time.”
“Cancer affects the whole
family. You’re constantly worried
about it coming back. This is a
way for them to come for an hour
and a half session and get their
mind completely off it,” Radie
Catherine Carter meets Nicholas, a horse used in the Horse Power For Life program. The program, held at Stone Crop Farm in Glen-
moore, PA provides riding instruction and interaction with horses to cancer patients in treatment, survivors, family members and caregivers.
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