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Our 24th Year
September 2017
LANC., PA 17604
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For six days under a canopy
of autumn foliage, Dressage at
Devon welcomes horse breed-
ers, riders, and enthusiasts from
all over the world to watch and
compete in dressage – an ancient
equestrian discipline. This year,
Dressage at Devon will take
place September 26 through
October 1 at the historic Devon
Horse Show Grounds in Dev-
on PA. There is something for
everyone here – from exciting
equine performances, to gour-
met food and charming outdoor
cafes, to more than 60 vendors
offering exclusive apparel, fine
arts, jewelry and antiques – for
equestrians and non-equestrians
Here are a few reasons to
trot over to Dressage at Devon:
Top Performances on
Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
For those who plan to attend the
magnificent Grand Prix Musical
Freestyle on Saturday night,
plan to stay just a little bit longer
for the chance to dance in the
Dixon – a long time tradition of
Dressage at Devon.
But, if you can’t make it,
you have plenty of opportunity
to see the same competitors and
horses in qualifying classes on
Friday. Plus, on Sunday, also
known as kids’ day, the Juniors
get to try their hand (and hoof) in
the FEI Grand Prix Young Rider
Unbridled Excitement on Tap for Dressage at Devon 2017
Freestyle and the FEI Grand Prix
Freestyle under 25. The bottom
line is that no matter when you
go, there are great performances.
Boutique Shopping and
Great Food.
More than 60
shops offer a host of products
for the horse, the rider and the
spectator. You'll find everything
from apparel and tack to fine
art, jewelry, antiques, pottery
and Dressage at Devon souve-
The festival area has gained
a notable reputation for local
culinary offerings and was voted
"best food on the show circuit"
by competitors. Enjoy a full meal
or a light snack. Relax in The Pub
with its closed circuit coverage of
the competition, or take your re-
freshments to one of the outdoor
seating areas.
Dressage Explorers.
much success at Dressage Ex-
plorers’ Day last year, this year
will feature new and expanded
activities for young horse lovers
throughout the day on Sunday,
October 1st. A few highlights
• Selfie Scavenger Hunt.
Take a photo at our special spots,
bring the photos to the Gift Shop
and receive a DAD gift.
• Stick Horse Competition.
Ride down the centerline in the
Dixon Oval on your favorite
steed. Bring your own or make
one with us.
• Equine Jeopardy
• And more!
Activities are open to chil-
dren of all ages but are geared
to 13 and under. Kids under 3:
FREE. Ages 3 to 18: $5 when
accompanied by an adult. Ages
18-21: $5 with proof of equine
organization participation (4H,
Pony Club, high school/college
equestrian team or club).
Dressage with the Experts
Whether this is your first
visit to Dressage at Devon, or
whether you are an avid eques-
trian with lots of horse knowl-
edge, Dressage with the Experts
is a great way to get an insider
perspective of what is happen-
ing during many of the most
competitive classes. An over-ear
style personal receiver will allow
spectators to follow commentary
by some of the foremost experts
in the world of dressage. Listen
as they comment, give personal
opinions and insight into the
horse and rider during their
performances and learn exactly
why the judges give the scores
they do. Radios are available at
the information booth right inside
the main gate. To reserve your set
ahead of time, visit the spectator
section of
Judy Reynolds won the 2016 Grand Prix Freestyle at Dressage at
Devon with Vancouver K, a 14 year old KWPM gelding.
credit: Hoof Prints Images
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