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Young Rider Critically Injured in Car Crash

July 2009

Sadie Albright, age 14, who was included on page one photo of Pennsylvania Equestrian's June issue, was critically injured in an automobile accident on June 1. She was being driven to school by family friend Steve Verbeck when a deer, struck first by another vehicle, jumped in front of his truck. This resulted in a head on collision with another vehicle. Sadie was ejected from the vehicle she was riding in. Sadie suffered two broken legs and major facial/skull fractures. All three people involved in the accident were critically injured. Surgery on her legs was performed on June 1. Several days later she underwent 11 hours of surgery for facial and head injuries. She was kept heavily sedated for several weeks to prevent swelling of the brain.

"Sadie is the youngest of four and the daughter of my best friend," Tara Dawn Hazen of Outlaw Stables in New Bloomfield, Perry County, said. "She's a great kid, honor roll student, and a good rider. She is also tough, stubborn and a fighter. Its what will get her through this.

"No one knew if she would survive and if so would she be functional and both are happening. The doctors are amazed at her rapid recovery."

As of June 18, Sadie was awake, and had improved sufficiently to be moved her to a less critical level of the ICU. She was scheduled for a third surgery and was being weaned from her medications in preparation for physical therapy. "She is trying to send texts from her phone and contact people," Hazen said. "She has very good moments - wants to get up and move, but understands she can't. She will fall asleep and wake up not remembering any of her bad moments. I'm sure it will take her mind some time to remember everything and deal with all that's happened. We know she is very strong. She will fight through this and come out on top. I can't wait until we can tell her how many people care about her and how many people have been praying for her. I'm sure she will be amazed. "

The parents, recently divorced, are staying at the hospital and the sisters are driving back and forth. Churches, friends, etc have been donating small gift cards for gas or groceries. Hazen's barn family has set up a meal chain. "However, the girls need "incidentals" like shampoo, tissues, gas, etc.," Hazen said. "We have been getting $10 and $20 gift cards to Weis, Giant, Karns, Sunoco or Sheetz so they can get what they need without bothering their parents. If your readers would like to help the family - first and foremost cards for Sadie, then the gift cards. They can mail anything to Tara Dawn Hazen, Outlaw Stables, 2420 Cold Storage Rd., New Bloomfield, PA 17068."

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