August 2017 | Good Housekeeping Equals Lower Insurance Rates
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Good Housekeeping Equals Lower Insurance Rates

August 2017

Summer is a great time to take a look at your farm through the eyes of your clients, your neighbors, visitors, and your insurance agent. While the benefit of the first three are obvious, why should you think about how your insurance agent sees your property?

Insurance companies rely on agents to evaluate your property when they write a policy. Part of that evaluation rests in the housekeeping of your farm. “Things I am looking for when I come by include: (1) are the grounds well-groomed and free of debris, (2) are the barns in good repair or do they need painted and other general maintenance, (3) are the aisles clean and free of clutter, (4) are cobwebs hanging in the rafters,” says Susan Strawser, owner of Fry’s Equine Insurance.

“As an equine insurance agent for 24 years, I have seen that good housekeeping and maintenance of barns usually leads to fewer insurance claims, better evaluation on your buildings, and savings with your premium. Loose shingles or metal siding should be repaired, barn and stall doors need to be inspected, aisles should be kept clean and free of debris, and the outside may need spruced up with a new coat of paint.”

Enjoy your summer and call Susan Strawser at Fry’s Equine Insurance Agency at 800-842-9021 for a no-obligation quote for your equine insurance needs – farm (house, barns, equipment, equine business), liability (boarding, lessons, training, clinics, shows), and your horses (mortality, medical) – or visit “We have been serving the insurance needs of the horseman since 1984,” says Strawser, “and we’ll be here when you need us.”