August 2017 | Need to Appraise Your Horse’s Value?
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Need to Appraise Your Horse’s Value?

August 2017

Corso Equine Appraisal Service’s mission is to evaluate your horse using trusted appraisal industry standards while adhering to a strict Code of Ethics to establish a fair market value. A lifetime member of the American Society of Equine Appraisers, Corso Equine Appraisal Service provides professional, unbiased equine valuation and consulting services.

Appraisals can be used to obtain insurance, for buying or selling, depositions, for tax purposes related to donating your horse to a charitable organization, and for estate or divorce case settlements.

“Regardless of a horse’s breed or discipline, there are certain factors that can increase or decrease value,” said appraiser Melissa Corso. “I will complete an inspection of your horse and discuss the factors of value with you in order to determine what your horse is worth. Inspections can also be done by photo or video if necessary.”

In addition to appraisal services, Corso Equine also offers consulting services to those who may need help buying or selling horses.

To learn more or to schedule an appraisal, phone (856) 236-4132, email or, or visit