December 2017 | Forget the Sleigh. How About a Traveled Lane Trailer?
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Forget the Sleigh. How About a Traveled Lane Trailer?

December 2017

Forget a sleigh and reindeer.   How about a new (or clean used) trailer for your horses?  The folks at Traveled Lane Trailers would be glad to help you find the trailer that’s just right for you.  They’ll even offer helpful advice on tow vehicle selection if desired. 

With many trailers, if you don’t have a truck, you’re out of luck.  Fortunately, you don’t need a truck to safely tow one of Traveled Lane’s Böckmann trailers.  A Böckmann is designed to be towed safely by many of today’s smaller, more fuel-efficient SUVs and trucks (and even some cars!).  Böckmann has been in business for over 60 years and is considered by many to be Europe’s premier trailer brand.  They’re loaded with safety and convenience features including a 2-mode RAMP/DOOR that may be LOWERED AS A RAMP OR SWUNG ASIDE FOR STEP-UP LOADING!   As far as we know, in North America, the RAMP/DOOR is available only from Böckmann.

If you do have a full-sized truck or SUV, how about a Kingston?  Kingston’s aluminum-framed Classic models, introduced in 2012, are built with the same dedication to safety, ease of use and durability that has been a hallmark of the brand since its founding in 1960 (and still under the same ownership!).

And don’ forget Frontier…   Frontier’s parent company builds several lines of aluminum trailers.   They have volume buying power and don’t spend a ton on advertising, so you get a lot of trailer for your money.   Frontier offers a wide variety of models, each with robust construction and high feature content.

On a tight budget?  Consider a Calico.  You’ll get a new trailer that’s cost-competitive with a safe used one.

Traveled Lane services most brands and installs hitches and wiring.   Financing and test drives are available.  Visit or call them at 410-556-6850.