February 2017 | ClearSpan’s Specialists Will Customize Your Design
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ClearSpan’s Specialists Will Customize Your Design

February 2017

ClearSpan Fabric Structures offers unique truss arch building solutions for equine riding and boarding facilities. Featuring a triple-galvanized structural steel frame with a 12.5oz rip-stop polyethylene fabric covering, these structures offer spacious interiors, industry-leading warranties and abundant natural lighting. Each structure is designed, manufactured and constructed quickly and with the highest structural integrity to ensure a long-lasting product with prompt construction timelines. ClearSpan structures, including metal, fabric and hybrid buildings, can be customized to meet any need, including stalls, doors, heaters, fans and more.

ClearSpan’s building solutions are made from the finest, highest-quality materials, ensuring that equestrians get a building that is durable and dependable. ClearSpan buildings are a superior option to traditional barns and indoor riding arenas. These structures offer a healthier environment that is naturally ventilated to reduce the occurrence of mold and fungus. ClearSpan structures also feature no internal support posts, offering maximum space for riding or boarding needs. The innovative building designs and fabric covering provide an atmosphere that lacks shadows and is spook free, while also creating a climate that is ideal for horses year-round.

Customers are in direct contact with a Truss Arch Specialist, who have years and decades of riding experience and who work to first identify needs and goals. They can also suggest customizations and specifications to help meet those goals. With all services offered in-house, including design, construction and more, ClearSpan provides customers with an unmatched eye for detail every step of the way.

ClearSpan’s affiliate company, FarmTek, offers products such as fencing, muck carts and water buckets to heating and cooling supplies for year-round temperature control. Since ClearSpan has access to the products in the FarmTek catalog, ClearSpan buildings can be outfitted with any accessories that customers need.

For more information visit clearspan.com.