February 2017 | Music Soothes Everyone in the Barn
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Music Soothes Everyone in the Barn

February 2017

Numerous studies validate the benefits of music for animals as a source for healing, to relieve stress, combat depression and encourage relaxation. Equine Audio lets you bring the soothing healing of music to your barn or arena.

Veterinarian offices and animal behaviorists often play music for their animals. A wide range of common physical disorders in animals as well as mental and emotional disturbances brought on by grief, loneliness, abandonment, abuse, trauma and negative thought forms can be eased or eliminated by playing soothing music to an animal. In addition, the tendency of many companion animals to absorb the emotions and illnesses of the humans with whom they live can be greatly relieved with music.

But the benefits of soothing music arenít just for stressed animals. Well-adjusted companions also respond to and appreciate music in their environment.

Equine Audioís goal is to provide an environment that encourages relaxation, increased production and enhanced performance.

Equine Audio custom designs each project using only the highest quality equipment and materials that favor frequent use and that will stand the test of time. Their custom, robust systems are environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and provide outstanding sonic quality.

Their experienced team will recommend a wireless microphone system; configure a clinician/trainer portable system; or design a professional sound system. Founded 10 years ago, Equine Audio, Inc., is the recognized leader in the design and installation of professional audio system solutions for the equine and farm industries - the only audio company with a sole focus on these industries. They also offer assistive listening solutions for your property or barn, Audio/Visual applications for boardroom/conference rooms, and outdoor paging systems.

For more information visit equine-audio.com.