July 2017 | Horse Trailer Experts Share Best Kept Secrets
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Horse Trailer Experts Share Best Kept Secrets

July 2017

“Education is the first step to buying a trailer,” Donna Martin, owner of Blue Ridge Trailers said. “Our team has decades of knowledge and we share this information with anyone who might benefit.

“While enough space for your horse to feel comfortable is important, you should also prioritize light and ventilation, and how the horses will stand and balance themselves,” she advised. “How you intend to work out of the trailer also is important. Will you unload all the horses at once and use rented stalls or do you need to work directly out of the trailer?”

Martin’s priority is educating people about Rumber flooring (www.rumber.com), which greatly reduces road vibration so horses experience less muscle fatigue and joint stress during travel.

There are simple things that owners need to know-- like always parking on concrete, gravel or asphalt to prevent moisture from affecting tires and bearing grease. “If you must park on grass,” says Martin, “sheets of plywood on the ground will really help extend the life of all components. In addition, covering a trailer with a shed or removable cover will greatly extend trailer life.”

Another myth involves trailer insurance. “Many trailer owners assume that their tow vehicle insurance covers their trailer. However, only liability coverage extends to the trailer. That means that the insurance company will not pay for damage from accidents, storms, vandalism or theft. A trailer must be added to the tow policy to obtain comprehensive and collision coverage.

“Every horse and every owner is unique. We make it a point to learn about your individual needs and goals. Our ultimate priority is to find you a trailer that suits your horse, your tow vehicle and your travel needs, but also one that will give you safety every time you travel.”

For personalized guidance, call (434) 985-4151, email donna@blueridgetrailer.com or visit www.blueridgetrailer.com.