June 2017 | Centaur® Flexible Horse Fence: Veterinarian Approved Protection
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Centaur® Flexible Horse Fence: Veterinarian Approved Protection

June 2017

Safe and reliable containment is essential to horses. Many veterinarians choose Centaur® flexible fence to protect the horses they love. Veterinarians recognize how Centaur®, The Horse Friendly Fence®, helps prevent both minor and serious injuries caused by traditional fencing. Splinters and cracked boards can be costly and dangerous to horses. Centaur’s flexible fence technology cradles horses when rubbing or leaning and provides much needed cushion to protect against impact.

Sadly, paddock accidents do happen. Doctor Dan Moore D.V.M. (The Natural Vet) has experienced the safety of Centaur firsthand. When asked about Centaur, Doctor Dan says “I absolutely love our Centaur fence. Not only does it still look good after over 15 years but it has actually saved at least 2 of our horse’s lives and it even saved mine! …a blind mare was chased full speed by several other mares. She ran into the Centaur fence at a fast gallop, bounced off, slid under it on her side and hung herself up. By the time I got to her she had freed herself and walked off. Not a scratch, not a limp! I can only imagine what injury a wooden fence or other type of fence would have caused.

The strength of Centaur® flexible fence also guards against fallen trees and roadside damage. With up to 4,000 pounds of break strength per rail, Centaur helps safeguard your horse from the hazards of a breached perimeter.

When choosing a fence, it is imperative to keep safety and maintenance costs in mind. Centaur® fence does not splinter, rust, rot or crack, providing decades of secure containment with minimal maintenance. Centaur® flexible fence comes with a 30 Year limited warranty and is proudly manufactured in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Call 1-800-368-7635 to speak with a fencing specialist for free project planning assistance or visit www.centaurhorsefence.com