June 2017 | Keep Flies Away from Horses
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Keep Flies Away from Horses

June 2017

Horses agree: Flies can make turnout miserable.

Most fly sprays have to be reapplied frequently and many contain toxic pesticides. “Natural” essential oil products are often ineffective.

Enter Ecovet, a totally new type of fly spray. It is neither a pyrethrin/pyrethroid derivative (which can be toxic) nor an essential oil product.

Ecovet is an EPA-registered product made from three food-grade fatty acids that are carried in a silicone base liquid. As the fatty acids evaporate, they create a vapor barrier around the horse that confuses and overwhelms a bug’s normal directional ability. Thanks to this Ecovet barrier, the insect is unable to locate the horse as its next victim.

A spatial repellent, Ecovet safely and effectively stops insects (including mosquitoes, flies, ticks and no-see-ums) from landing on the horse. If insects don’t land, they don’t bite. And if a horse isn’t bitten, the chances are lessened for insect-related skin reactions or hypersensitivity (aka “sweet itch”).

Ecovet has been tested and is endorsed by veterinarians, and is a veterinarian-owned company. It’s available in a 4-oz. travel size, 18-oz. bottle and a one gallon refill. View a video that shows how Ecovet makes the flies get lost and see application tips at bit.ly/ecovetvideos. Ecovet is available for purchase at eco-vet.com.