November 2017 | Get Indoors this Winter with White Horse Construction
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Get Indoors this Winter with White Horse Construction

November 2017

Riders often dread winter because of hazardous, frozen, or sloppy terrain and frigid temperatures that freeze the air. Instead of resigning to the gloomy fate of an unmounted season, or risking a fall by chancing the footing, think ahead and plan for an indoor arena with White Horse Construction.

Indoor arenas may need to be designed as much as 12-24 months in advance. Key elements to consider are layout, lighting, and structural strength. Layouts should minimize or eliminate the trek through inclement weather to reach the arena, as well as provide an appropriate flow for traffic entering and exiting to prevent congestion. The structure should be sturdy enough to withstand heavy snowfall or to support possible solar panels. Remember to plan for jump storage and also how to accommodate visitors, friends or family.

Located in Parkesburg, PA since 1995, Simeon Stoltzfus, owner of White Horse Construction, is devoted to bringing clients an unfaltering dedication to detail. With a Pennsylvania Dutch heritage of superb craftsmanship and integrity united with the finest raw materials, White Horse Construction believes in fresh and innovative designs for creative solutions on an individual basis. Customer input is crucial for satisfaction, and by listening carefully, designer and client suggestions are combined for optimum functionality, safety, and success.

Offering construction from conception to completion, White Horse Construction provides drafting, design, and structural engineering services. Along with indoor arenas, White Horse Construction also specializes in building and renovating equestrian facilities, dairy facilities, run-in sheds, carriage houses, and other agricultural buildings. Their commitment to every customer is a structure that will last for generations, and a relationship that will last a lifetime.

For more information, testimonials, or to generate a quote, visit or call (610) 593-5559.