October 2017 | Geriatric Horses Have Greater Healthcare Needs
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Geriatric Horses Have Greater Healthcare Needs

October 2017

Kopec Veterinary Associates is an ambulatory practice and clinic located in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, serving the equestrian communities of Lancaster, Dauphin, and Lebanon Counties, along with limited areas of York and Berks Counties. KVA offers preventative medicine, including dental floating and geriatric healthcare. Additionally, the practice offers lameness and sports medicine services, including wireless digital radiography, digital ultrasonography, Equinosis Lameness Locator, upper airway endoscopy, and thermography. Other services include reproductive management of broodmares and stallions. The clinic facility houses a 30x60 foot indoor arena, examination room, treatment stall for hospitalized patients, stallion collection shed, and video-monitored foaling stalls.

As your horse ages, its healthcare needs only increase. KVA’s veterinarians understand the issues facing aging horses today. They offer gold-standard testing and monitoring for PPID (Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction, aka Equine Cushings Disease), and are able to detect changes in hormone levels earlier than ever. This enables them to prevent severe weight swings, laminitis, and other diseases that plague horses with PPID. They also offer testing and treatment options for horses with Equine Asthma (COPD/”Heaves”), including bronchoalveolar lavage, pulmonary nebulization and inhaled treatments.

KVA provides nutritional consultation and hay analysis. They work with you to develop a feeding plan that is optimal for your aging horse, ensuring balance of key nutrients and calories. Nutritional analysis is often used in combination with other diagnostics (oral examination, wellness screening bloodwork, and fecal parasite testing) to provide a comprehensive understanding of your horse’s health.

Kopec Veterinary Associates provides timely, high-quality equine veterinary care. The doctors routinely make follow-up calls to check in on their patients. The practice also guarantees 24/7 emergency services for all regular clients.

Kopec Veterinary Associates is committed to fostering an innovative healthcare relationship between you and your horse. Call (717) 361-8700 to schedule your geriatric horse for a wellness evaluation today or for more information visit kvaequine.com.