October 2017 | The Next Pasture: Respectful, Compassionate Help at Life’s End
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The Next Pasture: Respectful, Compassionate Help at Life’s End

October 2017

All lives eventually must end. When that day comes, look to Black’s Livestock/The Next Pasture for respectful, compassionate help with your beloved equine.

Black’s Livestock and The Next Pasture is an individual horse and pet cremation service.  Their cremator has been specifically designed to cremate one horse at a time.

“We assure you that from the time our compassionate and professional staff collect your pet from the veterinarian’s office, stable, or farm, to the time your animal is returned to you, they are handled with the utmost dignity, respect and care that we know your pet deserves,” said owner John Black.

If you choose to keep your pet’s remains, they will be securely wrapped and placed inside a custom-made oak chest with custom engraved plaque; or you may choose to have them returned to you in a plastic tub for scattering.  A hair clipping can be taken and shoes removed upon request.

“We strive to help make this sad and difficult time a bit easier by offering pet owners the opportunity to bring their beloved friends home,” Black said.

Black’s Livestock also offers standard mortality removal service and provides live animal hauling for Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Services are offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The Next Pasture handles your animal the entire time using only their trucks, their employees, and their crematories for your animal. All cremations are guaranteed private.

Reach The Next Pasture at (610) 220-5262 or visit the website, nextpasture.com.