October 2017 | Stabul 1 Feeds Cater to Older Horses
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Stabul 1 Feeds Cater to Older Horses

October 2017

The NuZu Stabul 1, Stabul 1 Plus and Stabul Nuggets are low carbohydrate diets ideal for mature horses. Stabul feeds contain no corn, oats or molasses and maintain less than 10% starch and sugar, which helps to lessen the risk of starch overload for fewer digestive problems such as colic or founder.

A low-starch and sugar diet is recommended for horses with health conditions such as EPSM, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushing’s, Founder, Colic and Laminitis. For horses with those conditions, carbohydrates should be used as an energy source to aid the body in breaking down proteins into amino acids. Excessive carbs, starch and sugar, may be stored as fatty tissue. Stabul 1 is a 12% protein feed with 2.5% fat, recommended for overweight horses and easy keepers. Stabul 1 Plus is 14.5% protein with 5% fat, recommended for horses requiring additional calories to maintain weight. Stabul Nuggets are 10% protein with 2.5% fat, used as a treat, training reward, or endurance ride snack. All three are made with high quality fermentable fiber from soybean hulls, beet pulp and alfalfa which provides additional calories in a safe form. Probiotics are added to support microbial fermentation in the hind-gut. Added fat from vegetable oil increases energy density and helps maintain body condition, skin and hair. Flaxseed provides Omega 3 fatty acids which boosts the immune system and can help regulate thyroid functions, making it an ideal supplement for metabolic horses as well as aging horses. With added amino acids, levels of guaranteed Lysine and Methionine ensure quality protein for muscle tissue.

Stabul diets maintain low levels of iron to help with iron overload. All three have been balanced for vitamins.

Stabul 1 feeds are available at or can be ordered at Tractor Supply stores. For more information or to order Nuggets online visit stabul1.com.