February 2018 | A Seamless Blend of Modern Design and Amish Craftsmanship
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A Seamless Blend of Modern Design and Amish Craftsmanship

February 2018

Since 2002, Precise Buildings has been designing, building and restoring exceptional structures, from unique barns to indoor arenas. A full-service custom builder located in the heart of Lancaster County, Precise has helped restore the landscape in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and many properties in Northern Maryland and New Jersey. Precise specializes in crafting buildings using modern design and construction with traditional Amish craftsmanship. This longstanding foundation drives Precise to create the highest quality structures in the industry.

Whether new construction or barn restoration, many considerations go into a Precise building. For example, a barn with a post frame, metal roof and metal or wood siding is the easiest to build quickly at a reasonable price, and many people will opt to upgrade to a shingle roof over plywood sheeting to minimize the pounding of rain overhead. Others will add cupolas for additional venting and louvered gable vents. Steel framed arenas allow for a much greater width than the post framed arenas, but at a higher price point.

Building size impacts design and materials choices, and impacts the final price. An 80 x 200 arena will allow most disciplines to work unobstructed; sidewalls at 16 will allow jumping at any height. Once these dimensions are determined, the client can focus on material, door and window choices.

Light and ventilation are also considerations. Split sliding doors, sliding windows, skylight panels and gable windows allow for light and ventilation. Precise designs window and lighting arrangements that minimize shadows. Precise ensures that its buildings have the most ventilation possible, the best natural lighting, and a door system that allows for the greatest access while helping airflow in the warm weather months.

Precise Buildings works with clients to factor all the variables into their building equation, to build the best structures at any price point. To learn more, visit www.precisebuildings.com or call (717) 768-3200.