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News Archive 2017

February 2017

February 2017 - FEI Eyes Fair Hill As a Site for Four Star Events Beginning as Early as 2018

Equestrians throughout the region are scrambling to find and preserve open space for horses and equine activities. Meanwhile, the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA) and Maryland Horse Industry Board (MHIB) are dusting off the welcome mat and looking for ways to expand equestrian activities, attract more horses and horse people, and create venues for more world-class equestrian competition. Read full article >>

February 2017 - Rescued Horses Saved Again Due to Freeze Brands

Three white letters of a freeze brand recently gave one horse a second chance for a second time. In November, Marina Dolbeck of Deering, NH was looking for a new horse when she encountered a draft horse on Craigslist. The horse, located in Vermont, did not look to be in very good shape, and in looking closer at his photo, she noticed a freeze brand. Read full article >>

February 2017 - USDA Releases First Report from 2015 Equine Study

The USDA’s National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) released the first report from its Equine 2015 study, Baseline Reference of Equine Health and Management in the United States, 2015. The Equine 2015 study is NAHMS’ third national study of the U.S. equine industry. Read full article >>

February 2017 - Butenschoen Has a Bevy of Bright Prospects in His Barn for 2017

Coming off a season in which he earned just over $2.3 million, the largest annual sum of his 26-year career, and competed in numerous Grand Circuit events, John Butenschoen acknowledges 2017 could be a banner year as well. “We are just starting to bring in all our horses,” said the Wind Gap, Pa. resident. Read full article >>

January 2017

January 2017 - Paso Fino Foal, Born Six Weeks Premature, Is a Fighter Who Refuses to Quit

Tamara Rose came into the world early. At 28 pounds, she was a flyweight in the world of foals. Born six weeks prematurely, the little Paso Fino would need an extraordinary combination of luck, love and veterinary magic to survive. In the parlance of Pennsylvania’s casino culture, Tamara Rose hit the jackpot. Read full article >>

January 2017 - Bee Tree Trail Percherons Presents Fifteen Horse Hitch

How many horses can you drive at one time? For Dave Rohrbach of Bee Tree Trail Percherons, the answer is fifteen. Draft horses are a popular feature at the Pennsylvania Farm Show each year, and Bee Tree Trail is usually a crowd favorite, not only for the beautiful horses, but for the innovative ways that he drives them. Read full article >>

January 2017 - Survey Will Measure Economic Impact of Horses in Southeast Pennsylvania

How many horses are in southeastern Pennsylvania, and how important are they to the region’s economy? Everyone connected to the horse industry in any way, in the southeastern region of the state, is urged to take part in an online survey that will help find answers to those questions. Read full article >>

January 2017 - Racing Reform Snafu a Heavy Burden for Pennsylvania Horse Breeders

“I had a great horse for the first time, Saratoga Jack,” Kate Goldenberg says. “Of course, I get a great horse in a year they don’t pay me the money.” She’s standing in a muddy lane between two pastures at her farm, Safe Haven Equine in Perkasie. “They think we’re sheiks,” she says, struggling to explain why Pennsylvania legislators took nine months to fix a critical flaw in racing reform legislation passed last February. Read full article >>

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