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Reader Reviews of Pennsylvania Equestrian

“I love to see the Pennsylvania Equestrian come in the mail. I always learn something new and useful. It keeps me informed about news and events that affect me and my horses, and it's a great way to find local sources for the services and products I need.”

“It's hard to say one solid thing that I like about Pennsylvania Equestrian because there isn't just one thing. I love the stories because they cover every aspect of the horse world, from racing to breeding to health to different equestrian sports. I love the ads and the Events Calendar, the barn building ads are my favorite. I just love Pennsylvania Equestrian for itself, it's everything I want in a horse newspaper and more.”

“What our family likes best about PA Equestrian is how timely and informative the publication is regarding the equine industry and matters that affect horse and stable owners the most. You don't get this type of news in your daily newspaper or tv station.”

“Pennsylvania Equestrian is really “all you need to know”; I love getting the highlights & choosing to read the topics that interest me most; you do a great job tackling the equestrian news. I actually read more of this format than I do all those magazines I subscribe to! Great job!”

“I have been an avid reader of PENNSYLVANIA EQUESTRIAN for quite a few years. Though I enjoy reading several equine magazines and newspapers each month, I find that PENNSYLVANIA EQUESTRIAN is by far my favorite! It is the only publication that exclusively informs me of what is happening in my “own back yard”. PA has so much to offer an equine enthusiast like me and your publication brings it all together for me and your other readers. I love reading about people and places that I can relate to and often know personally. Please keep up the good work – PENNSYLVANIA EQUESTRIAN brings out the best of what PA has to offer the equestrian world!”

“Pennsylvania Equestrian is the best! Where else can you continue to receive up-to-date horse news for a one-time fee. You offer an amazing deal. I enjoy the advertisements because they provide information about barns and everything an equestrian and horse owner needs to keep up with. There are always new products on the market and you give us the information needed. The ads allow us to continue to patronize Pennsylvania businesses which helps us all. Overall, I look forward to the emails I receive from you and the paper copy which I can take anywhere! Thank you Pennsylvania Equestrian for a great publication!”

“I love your magazine because it writes a little about everything....Western, racing, hunters, dressage, driving, work horses, etc. And you are always are up to date on all the local horse news.”

“We love your newspaper and pick it up every time we are at our local tack shop. The thing I like most about it is the listings of the upcoming events and shows and I always always look for coupons and new product advertisements.”

“A couple of things that I like about the PA Equestrian paper is the accessibility of information that otherwise wouldn't be available to riders like me that are not at a large boarding facility "on the map" of the horse world. Another thing I like is that it is completely free to anyone that wants one. To me this is a screaming deal because of all the very useful information found in those pages. All of the shows that advertise in there help me to decide what events I will be showing at during the summer months. In other words, I love everything about the PA equestrian newspaper!”

“I am excited when I look in my mailbox and find the latest edition of Pennsylvania Equestrian. I really like the fact that Pennsylvania Equestrian covers all facets of equestrian businesses, disciplines and events in a fair manner.”

“I have received and read Pennsylvania Equestrian for many years. It keeps me caught up on all the news of the equestrian world. I especially like the Horse Droppings. Gives you just enough information to keep you informed. Our riding club also appreciates the free Calendar of Events. Thank you for this service.”

“ I really enjoy PA Equestrian. It has so much information in it; All the events and great stories. And of course vendor information. It is truly one of my favorite horse newspapers... It just has something for everyone... thanks and always looking forward to the next issue”

“In addition to the ads for PA equine businesses, what I like best about this publication is its use as an in-depth program for the 2 major PA equine events:  The PA Horse Expo in February and Dressage @ Devon in the fall. I can use the PA Equestrian to study what these 2 events have to offer and then map out my best participation strategy, so as not to miss something of interest and importance to me.

“Thank you for putting together such a great newspaper.”

“What I like best about PA Equestrian is that it makes me feel like part of a community! I can't wait to grow my small business to be able to post an ad in PA Equestrian to reach other horse lovers like myself!"

“A few words about why I like the Pennsylvania Equestrian... Where else can I get all the local and national equestrian news that interests me? It is also a great place to find vendors for all things horse related!”

“I enjoy Pennsylvania Equestrian because of the in depth articles you have on PA events... like coverage of the Devon Horse Show as well as racing news.  It is complete coverage of everything you need to know from upcoming shows to interesting news and photos from local events.”

“PA Equestrian keeps the horse community informed about what is going on.  The fact that you have excellent pictures of horse shows and the participants of those shows.  Also the help of locating and finding good deals through your ads. Your coverage of horse news is awesome.”

“What I like best about PA Equestrian is reading about all the local equestrian news and events that are coming up as well as the profile articles about different horse people.”

“This is the first time I remember seeing Pennsylvania Equestrian in my email.   I love it!  It is one of the best on-line equestrian newspapers I think I've seen.  I like it because it is local to PA with news, events, farm lists, etc. of our own.  People love to see pictures and PA Equestrian includes great pics as well.  Kudos to you.  A job well done.”

“As always Pennsylvania Equestrian is the publication I will never pass by when leaving the tack shop.  Your publication is full of useful information for the horse owner and lover alike and not to mention I've noticed more COUPONS! The August article on The Ins and Outs of the Pre-Purchase Examination was extremely helpful as I am currently leasing a horse and plan to purchase my own "baby" within the next 6-12 months.  The veterinary checklist has been printed out and saved in my barn bag for later memorization.  Thanks to PA Equestrian all the upcoming event schedules are nicely organized and I can update my calendar in one session.  Looking forward to Ludwig's Corner Show and Dressage at Devon this Fall!

“I love Pennsylvania Equestrian because I always learn something new. It's a great source for varied information about equine health, current events, and local news.”

“To state the obvious, it is your local content that I enjoy, but to be honest, what stood out the most to me was your staff at the World Horse Expo in Harrisburg last February.  They were upbeat and professional, generous and helpful.  The booth was well placed and exceptionally handled. I was relatively new to the area and trying to find out the local equestrian scene and your booth made me want to sign up for your publication. I have been enjoying it ever since! Thank you.”

“I love all the great veterinary information it is very helpful and informative. I also enjoy the feel good stories, my horse was rescued from the kill pen, and I love stories about horses being saved or re trained for another discipline. Of course I enjoy "da mare"! Keep up the good work.”

“I just love when my Pa. Equestrian comes - I drop whatever I'm doing and at least page through it. I particularly enjoy Silvia Sidesaddle's "Horse Droppings."

“We love Pennsylvania Equestrian because it's a great single source to get info. on what's happening in the LOCAL horse world. We love that the stories and events featured are relatable to those who live in Pa.”

“I like how Pa Equestrian covers such a wide range of informative topics and activities all over the state. The site is well laid out and easy to look through as well.”

“You keep me well informed in various areas. Horse shows/activites are listed. I also like that it is available online ~ very accessible when I travel.”

“Pennsylvania Equestrian is one of the most informative publications available both on-line and in print. It is current, very user friendly and doesn't overwhelm with advertisements. The articles and photos are enjoyable and engaging. Most disciplines are featured throughout the year which makes it a good read for a lot of different people.”

“My girls and I like to see what's going on all over the state (horse shows, charity events, etc.)  My 10 year old dreams of having her own horse someday and wants to be a trainer when she grows up.  PA Equestrian helps feed her hunger for knowledge in all there is to know about horses, horse care and training.”