Pennsylvania Equestrian 2005 News Archive
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News Archive 2005

December 2005 - A First! Equine Liability Bill Passes State Senate
by Stephanie Lawson
On November 15, the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee reported out of committee legislation that would protect the state's equine industry from excessive insurance costs and lawsuits. The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Mike Waugh (R-York) and 17 others, was spearheaded by the Pennsylvania Equine Council (PEC).
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November 2005 - Philadelphia Eagle, Fox Sports Converge on Reigle Heir Farm
by Stephanie Lawson
The stallion barn sports seven of those big flat screen LCD televisions, the kind that's highly coveted but still a little out of the price range of most sports loving husbands. Under each is a sleek thoroughbred stallion with a pedigree and a racing record that makes the hearts of mare owners beat a little faster. Mare owners can watch the prospective daddies in action on the LCD TV overhead before making up their minds.
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November 2005 - In Need and in Luck: Rescued Horses Land in Prison, or Is It Heaven?
by Suzanne Bush
You never turn your back on a creature in need. It's a good way to face life and a good way to make a difference in the world. It's the guiding force that brought two vastly different organizations together in exquisite synergy.
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April 2005 - Complex Crisis
by Stephanie Lawson
Three years after the completion of a $86 million expansion, Harrisburg's Farm Show Complex is one of the country's top equestrian venues.  With 25 acres under a single roof, two large arenas and permanent and temporary stabling for hundreds of horses, the complex's climate-controlled, all weather facility is matched by few other venues. 
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April 2005 - Equine Liability Legislation Introduced in State Senate
Waugh and his staff are soliciting co-sponsors, who have until July 9 to sign on.  When that process is complete, the bill will be referred to a committee, probably the Judiciary Committee.  "We had hoped to have it introduced in the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee, but recent experience indicates that probably will not happen," said Kristin Ebersole, Ag Committee Director and a member of Senator Waugh's staff.  "After it is introduced we will start discussions with the Chairman of the committee the bill is referred to, in an attempt to advance the bill out of the committee."
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April 2005 - State Launches Organization to Deal With Disasters Affecting Animals
In September 1999, at the height of a very busy hurricane season, storm-weary residents along the East Coast prepared for a massive evacuation. Hurricane Floyd was moving steadily toward Florida, after wreaking havoc in the Bahamas. Floyd's size and potential for causing a major disaster led to what was then the largest peacetime evacuation in the history of the United States. Two million people, from central Florida to North Carolina, left their homes in anticipation of Floyd's arrival. The National Weather Service issued a hurricane warning for nearly the entire East Coast, stretching from Miami to Plymouth, MA.
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