December 2016 | Seneca Drives Away Dust and Despair
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Seneca Drives Away Dust and Despair

December 2016

Think outside of the box this holiday season, and inside the arena instead. Forget treats and fads that are easily forgotten...instead, let Seneca Mineral Company provide something practical. With a reputation built by providing premium chemicals, high-tech distribution, and superior customer and technical support for customers, Seneca Mineral Company is the top solution for dust control.

The LS-25 product is the most cost-effective liquid dust control option for equestrian arenas. Their salt brine is a naturally occurring brine that is pumped from the ground to storage tanks and then delivered directly to customers. This brine does not contain any harmful chemicals or oil often found in gas-well brine, nor is it rock salt brine that has been mixed from bags. The key to the effectiveness in this product is the naturally occurring calcium, which gives a longevity that is not found in manufactured liquids. They ship the liquid in either a 55 gallon drum or 275 gallon tote tanks.

Servicing customers with horse arenas for over ten years, Seneca Mineral Company has perfected a product that controls dust without injuring horses. As an added bonus, arenas can have the product applied and be right back in use the same day.

Seneca Mineral Company is offering a five percent discount for any poly storage tank and/or spray systems purchased in December, which enables customers to apply their own dust control whenever needed. They also provide pressure-applied application of the product locally in Erie, PA. Testimonials from satisfied customers are available upon request. For more information, visit online at or call (814)476-0076.