November 2017 | Eliminate Distractions with Fabric Structures from WeCover
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Eliminate Distractions with Fabric Structures from WeCover

November 2017

While any day spent in the saddle is a good day, riders know how difficult it is to truly have a wonderful, progressive ride. Especially in winter, nature conspires to keep riders grounded and horses white-eyed from the wind. WeCover Structures, a leading producer in fabric-roofed riding arenas, is eager to keep the elements from interfering from that great ride-the one where all the focus is on the horse, not the external distractions.

Made with high quality supplies and distinctive craftsmanship, all WeCover Structures buildings provide an excellent atmosphere for riding in any weather. Fabric structures provide tons of light to keep the arena pleasant, positive, and bright.

WeCover Structures takes special pride in how their creations are built. While looking at the straight roofline along the ridge of their buildings, look closely at the weld joints and how they are fully galvanized just like the rest of the structural components. All metal components are hot-dipped in zinc after manufacturing to guarantee complete corrosion protection. The truss spacing prevents flapping or sagging of the fabric between each truss. The Continuous Cover Control System (a fabric tightening system) is designed to maximize the strength and longevity of the fabric by eliminating wear points. Finally, the vertical sidewalls are closed with traditional materials or ventilation system and the eaves are protected by a generous overhang to keep water away from the foundations.

For peace of mind, WeCover Structures offers a 25-year pro-rated warranty on every steel structure. A steel roof can be applied to any structure in the future if a client prefers. We Cover Structures is available coast to coast in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit